#8. Frank Sinatra - Somethin’ Stupid (feat. Nancy Sinatra)

Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.

—Unknown (via koreyan)

When you live in the dark for so long, you begin to love it. And it loves you back, and isn’t that the point? You think, the face turns to the shadows, and just as well. It accepts, it heals, it allows.

But it also devours.

—Carver, Raymond. Late Fragment.  (via mirroir)

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Blowing raspberries on kitten’s tummies is one of life’s forbidden pleasures.

#kitten resists santa’s raspberries

four words i never thought i’d see put together.


1) You are allowed to take up space. You are a human.

2) You are allowed to have a voice.

3) You are allowed to leave whenever you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

4) You deserve more than someone who doesn’t know how to respect you.

5) You are allowed to put your own needs first.

6) You are allowed to love yourself.

—6:11 p.m. (Six reminders for bad times)

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"One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth

My Neighbor Totoro scenery

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It’s so weird and counter-progressive that we’ve developed this habit of apologizing for our “flaws” to people who are falling for us or people we like. Consider how often you say sorry for “talking too much” or showing too much interest in someone or just being who you are,…


Central Perk, Liverpool (UK)